Nufarm announces former Emblem® Fungicide name to Spirato® GHN


DATE: September 5, 2017
CONTACT:Sherry Mitchell, Communications Manager
Phone: (919) 379-2524

Nufarm announces former Emblem® Fungicide name to Spirato® GHN

Raleigh, N.C. (September 5, 2017) – Nufarm announces Spirato® GHN as the product brand name and label to represent its versatility-focused ornamental and greenhouse vegetable fungicide going forward. While the name has changed, the formulation of Spirato® GHN remains the same as the product formerly known as Emblem™.

Spirato® GHN fungicide is viewed as a popular product for foliar disease, as well as stem, crown and root rot, because of its ability to defend and control in all stages of ornamental and edible production with low use rates and an easy-to-use SC liquid formulation. Watch Nufarm Technical Manager Rick Fletcher at Cultivate’17 discuss how to use Spirato GHN as a foliar spray or drench in the management of important diseases.

Spirato® GHN is labeled for more than 45 plant species, including ornamentals such as African violet, Aster, Azalea, Begonia, Pansy, Petunia, and Poinsettia. It has also received an expanded label for approved use on greenhouse vegetables, including brassica leafy vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale), herbs (such as basil, chive, cilantro, parsley and rosemary), leafy vegetables (such as arugula, lettuce and swiss chard), and vegetables (such as pepper, tomato, and cucumber).

Nufarm Spirato® GHN can partner with other fungicides, such as Affirm™ or Strider™, as part of an effective disease management program.

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As a leading supplier to the Greenhouse and Nursery Ornamental market, Nufarm’s US Greenhouse and Nursery team delivers a portfolio of products meeting the value, efficacy, and innovation demanded by the market to solve the daily pest and disease issues you face. Trusted products such as Cleary’s 3336 brand, Affirm, Safari, Tristar and Overture have been your go to products for years and innovative solutions such as Spirato GHN (formerly Emblem), Cuproxat and SureGuard SC are more recent Nufarm solutions. An experienced group of market managers with grower expertise, an attentive customer service team, coupled with an active technical research and development group, all with a mission to solve your problems, sums up the personality of your Nufarm team. We are here to help you grow a better tomorrow, today.

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