Congratulations to our new Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts!

Our One Nufarm strategy ensures that the Customer is at the center of our thoughts and efforts and that all areas of the company come together to deliver the best possible customer experience. Lean Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques used to create process improvement by working to identify variation or defects in almost any kind of process – manufacturing, financial, planning, customer service, marketing and more. The tools help to define the problem at hand, identify the root cause of the issue, put improvements in place, and then define a way to make sure the improvements hold over time so Nufarm can delight customers with an experience greater than they expected.

Amy McCoy (Pricing Analyst), Quinn Phalen (Process Improvement Engineer), Kyle Price (FIFRA Compliance Manager), Dan McLaughlin (Packaging Procurement Manager), Tanesha Brown (Procurement Analyst), Wade Mayer (Product Commercialization Lead), Rob Underhile (Quality Assurance Manager), and David Restad (Financial Analyst) have recently completed the 4-week intensive training session to learn the Lean Sigma tools and processes. Blackbelts use these skills to lead a team and complete process improvement projects for the company that deliver significant value.