Emerald Ash Borer: How Cities and Towns Prepare for Invasion

In this article from Entomology Today, the authors look at different ways that localities prepare for Emerald Ash Borer, including a description of the tradeoffs between:

  • No action costs nothing up front, but a community is most likely to be burdened with the cost of hazard-tree removal and replanting afterward.
  • Selective management involves moderate costs for the protection of some high-value ash trees in a community and is complemented by limited tree removal and replacement.
  • Preemptive management costs the most up front by eliminating risk from emerald ash borer through complete tree removal before they become infested.
  • Aggressive management costs more over time, with the least negative social and environmental impact from emerald ash borer infestation.
  • Preparing for Emerald Ash Borer