Nufarm and Lawn Doctor – Working Together to Provide Excellent Lawn Care Results

If you want to keep a lawn as healthy as possible, you need the right products, the proper know-how, and a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease. Nufarm and Lawn Doctor work together to provide all three of these ingredients, ensuring that Lawn Doctor’s customers receive the best lawn care services possible, renewing and maintaining lawns and landscapes across the United States.

Lawn Doctor was founded in the late 1960s in a small hardware store in Matawan, New Jersey. Now, more than 50 years later, it is one of the largest lawn care providers in the country, with more than 540 locations in 39 states.
Lawn Doctor is a national brand supporting hundreds of locally-operated franchises, combining professional service, exclusive lawn care equipment and the best lawn care products available. Lawn Doctor uses premium lawn care products that aren’t sold in local home improvement stores. These lawn care products work better and last longer than generic products to keep lawns looking great.

Lawn Doctor uses several Nufarm products, in large part because Lawn Doctor technicians work on a wide variety of grasses across the country. Lawn Doctor technicians use Nufarm products like Manor in warmer climates, while products such as 4-Speed® XT, Horsepower®, Cool Power®, Last Call™, Escalade® 2, Triplet®, Millennium Ultra™ 2 and Triamine® are most effective in cooler climates. 3336® is used in both cool and warm climates to treat broad-spectrum disease for ornamentals. Nufarm’s large product profile provides a line of excellent product choices to protect lawns and ornamental plants, as well as delivering consistent broadleaf weed control.

The high level of customer support that Nufarm offers for their products also makes it a great fit for Lawn Doctor franchisees, according to John Buechner, Director of Technical Services, Lawn Doctor, Inc.