Nufarm Announces OMRI Listing for Cuproxat® FL Copper Fungicide

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Nufarm Announces OMRI Listing for Cuproxat® FL Copper Fungicide

Alsip, Illinois (November 6, 2017) – Nufarm Amercias has received OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) listing for Cuproxat® FL Copper Fungicide – an innovative solution for the safe, dependable control of bacterial and fungal diseases across more than 60 edibles, now including organics.

Cuproxat FL combines the fast-acting power of copper hydroxide with the long-lasting control of copper sulfate. Cuproxat FL is engineered with proprietary chemistry to deliver uniform, precisely sized particles that deliver better plant coverage and better protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. The premium formulation readily mixes in water and stays suspended longer than any other liquid formulation.

Cuproxat FL has a broad label that allows for use on more than 60 different edibles, including berries, vegetable crops, tree crops (including citrus and stone fruit) and chives, as well as ornamentals in any setting. For more information on Cuproxat FL and a complete list of Nufarm crop protection products, visit

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