3336® EG Fungicide for Ornamental Diseases

3336® EG is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide that delivers unparalleled control in a revolutionary formulation. 3336 EG combines the power of thiophanate-methyl with the convenience of an extruded granular formulation for control of troublesome plant diseases such as Rhizoctonia. A low-dust extruded granule with quick-dissolve properties, 3336 EG extends many benefits to the user including easy measuring and easy mixing. Most importantly, 3336 EG allows for spray program customization based on individual coverage and disease control needs.

Customize Your Disease Program

  • Broad-spectrum disease control for ornamentals
  • Systemic mode of action
  • Full chemigation label
  • Easy to measure and mix extruded granular
  • Tank mix compatible with most commonly used pesticides

For Versatile Application and Control

  • Controls a variety of foliar, stem, and root diseases on a wide range of commercially important plants, including many edibles
  • Effective as a pre-plant dip on cuttings and bulbs
  • Use for annual and perennial flowers, bedding and foliage plants, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, groundcover, and shade or lathhouse

Stops and Prevents Troublesome Ornamental Disease

Black spot of rose
Leaf spots and blights
Powdery mildews
Rust diseases
Venturia leaf scabs

See label for full list.

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