Aloft® LC Insecticide for Turf

With preventive and curative control, one application of Aloft® LC G or Aloft® LC SC combats insect pests fast. Prevent troublesome turfgrass insects and surface-feeders – including white grubs – with a single early treatment or knock down existing pests with flexible application options from April to September.

Plus, Aloft LC SC attacks Red Imported Fire Ants. EPA approved for fire ant control, Aloft LC SC takes them down within seven days and lasting residual control keeps them down.

Two Modes of Action. One Powerful Weapon.

  • Two modes of action for excellent control of insect pests, including white grubs
  • Provides both preventive and curative protection
  • Flexible application options – apply April through early September
  • Fast, systemic control and lasting residual control with one product
  • Granular and SC formulations available

Aloft LC for Fire Ant Control

  • Effective control within seven days
  • Labeled for use in the fall as a preventive treatment option
  • User-friendly SC formulation for quick application
  • Season long control when integrated with a Distance® FAB program

Deliver a One-Two Punch

Airports, arboretums, non-production greenhouses, athletic fields, business complexes, cemeteries, industrial complexes, parks, recreation areas, playgrounds, residences, and schoolyards.

Rapid Knockdown and Season-Long Residual Control

Annual bluegrass weevils (adult and larvae)
Black turfgrass Ataenius
Chinch bugs*
European crane flies
Mole crickets
Sod webworms
Spittle bugs
Sugarcane grubs

White grubs
Asiatic garden beetle
European chafer
Green June beetle
Japanese beetle
Northern masked chafer (phyllophaga spp.)
Oriental beetle
Southern masked chafer

Aloft LC Only
Fire ants (Red Imported)

See label for a complete list.

* Use Arena® Insecticide for areas where pyrethroid resistant chinch bugs are known or suspected.

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