Arena® 50 WDG and Arena® .25 G Insecticides for Turf

Don’t settle for insecticides that give up on control early. Get the best control and the longest-lasting residual out there with Arena® Insecticide. Arena works as both a preventive and a curative, for outstanding control of chinch bugs, white grubs and a broad spectrum of other turf and ornamental pests with a single application.

A Better Value That Lasts. And Lasts. And Lasts.

  • Controls pyrethroid-resistant chinch bug, without increasing the level of pyrethroid resistance
  • Controls white grubs, including Japanese beetle and masked chafers, plus other thatch- and surface-feeding insects
  • Superior grub control including curative grub control that helps keep away foraging animals
  • Excellent results when applied prior to third instar
  • Does not require immediate watering-in after application
  • Available as a .25 granule formulation for convenient broadcast spread application or a 50 WDG formulation for foliar and soil application options

Aiming to Take Control—And Keep It

Commercial and residential turf and landscape ornamentals, golf courses, interior plantscapes, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, recreational areas, residential apple and pear trees,  and sod farms.

Proven residual activity for lasting control.

Asiatic garden beetle
Azalea lace bug
Black turfgrass ataenius
European chafer
European crane fly
Florida wax scale
Glassy-winged sharpshooter
Green June beetle
Japanese beetle
Mole crickets (suppression)
Northern masked chafer
Nuisance ants
Oriental beetle
Phyllophaga spp. (June beetles)
Pyrethroid-resistant chinch bug
Root weevils
Sod webworms
Southern masked chafer
Spittle bug
White grubs

See label for full list.

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