Emblem™ GHN for Tough Foliar, Stem and Root Diseases

Through all stages of production, Emblem™ GHN fungicide is a go-to product for foliar, stem and root diseases providing defense and control with low use rates and an easy-to-use liquid formulation. This versatile fungicide demands the number one spot in the rotation for disease management.

New Standard in Ornamental Defense

  • Easy-to-use SC liquid formulation
  • Low use rates and long-lasting protection against many foliar diseases and stem, crown and root rots
  • Expanded label includes many edibles
  • Partner with other fungicides, such as Affirm™ or Cuproxat® as part of an effective disease management program

Works for More than 45 Commercial Plant Species

  • Use for more than 45 plant species, including African violet, aster, azalea, begonia, pansy, petunia, and poinsettia
  • Now labeled for brassica leafy vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale), herbs (such as basil, chive, cilantro, parsley and rosemary), leafy vegetables (such as arugula, lettuce and swiss chard), and vegetables (such as pepper, tomato, and cucumber)

Versatile All-Stage Defense from Foliar, Stem and Root Diseases

Effective control of aerial blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani
Alternaria leaf spot and blight
Botrytis blight
Black root rot caused by Thielaviopsis spp.
Cercospora leaf spot
Cylindrocladium stem and root rot
Fusarium stem and root rot
Rhizoctonia stem and root rot
Septoria leaf spot
Southern blight caused by Sclerotium rolfsii

See label for a complete list.

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