Safari® 20 SG Insecticide for Turf

Safari® 20 SG Insecticide, a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown, controls a broad spectrum of ferocious and invasive pests, including Q- and B-biotype whitefly, Hemlock woolly adelgid, emerald ash borer, mealybug, leafminer, fungus gnat, black vine weevil, glassy-winged sharpshooter, armored and soft scales and lacebug—some of the most costly pests that affect trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals in the landscape and production ornamental markets.

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

  • Super-systemic: fast uptake, increased concentration
  • Broad-spectrum control, including Q- and B-biotype whiteflies
  • Unsurpassed residual control

Unsurpassed Control Post-Application

Armored and soft scales
B-biotype whitefly
Emerald ash borer
Flatheaded borers
Fungus gnat larvae
Glassy-winged sharpshooter
Japanese beetle (adults)
Leaf beetle
Q-biotype whitefly
Root weevils
Roundheaded borer
Thrips (suppression)
White grub

See label for a complete list.

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