Control the Uncontrollable.

Sure Power™ is a new standard in herbicide power, providing swift control to strike down challenging broadleaf weeds. In fact, broad-spectrum Sure Power is proven to produce excellent control of ground ivy and wild violet. Its four-way formulation manages more than 250 broadleaf weeds, making Sure Power a valued tool in the pursuit of clean cool-season turf.


Start with Escalade® 2 early-season, then follow with Sure Power after turf is hardened-off, generally June 15 to Sep 15. Following this rotation order will keep lawns looking their best.

Learn how you can get the most out of Sure Power with our Keys to Success tech bulletin.

Fast and Effective Selective Herbicide

  • Outperforms the competition in ground ivy and wild violet control
  • Proven efficacy on more than 250 broadleaf weeds
  • Application window from June 15 – September 15 when turf is hardened off (Sure Power application tip: when you see yellow nutsedge it’s safe to apply)
  • Rainfast after one hour
  • Rapid knockdown with visible results starting in 2-3 days
  • First flumioxazin formulation for cool-season turf
  • Group 4 and 14 herbicides support resistance management
  • Easy-to-use, reduced-odor formulation

Proven efficacy on challenging weed issues

  • Ground ivy
  • Wild violet
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Black medic
  • Plantain

(See product label for complete list)

Key Uses

  • Fescue species, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass
  • Non-turf areas
  • Ornamental lawn and turf (Industrial, institutional, residential)
  • Sod farms

Not for sale in counties of Nassau and Suffolk, NY

SurePower for Wild Violet Control

The New Standard for Wild Violet Control

Sure Power Herbicide provides outstanding broadleaf weed control, including wild violet control. After 39 days, Sure Power delivered 98% control. That’s nearly double the control of SpeedZone.

  • Wild Violet Control Trial
  • Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University, 2017
  • 1 application on July 14

SpeedZone® is a registered trademark of PBI-Gordon Corporation.

Sure Power broadleaf weed control

Broadleaf Weed Control Trial

  • Dave Gardner, The Ohio State University, 2017
  • Sure Power™ 32 fl oz/A
  • 1 application on July 25

Sure Power Ground Ivy Control

Ground Ivy Strikedown with Sure Power Herbicide

Sure Power Herbicide delivers broadleaf weed kill, including excellent ground ivy control. Sure Power acts fast with noticeable results in as little as three days. Plus, its season-long ground ivy control tops SpeedZone – even 56 days after treatment, at half the application rate.

  • Ground Ivy Control Trial
  • Dave Gardner, The Ohio State University, 2017
  • 1 application on July 25

SpeedZone® is a registered trademark of PBI-Gordon Corporation.

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