Traction™ Q&A: Improve your program with Traction Fungicide


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Q: How can Traction™ help me manage disease resistance on my course?

A: Because of Traction’s unique formulation containing two different mode of action groups and two different plant location strategies, Traction is very effective for use in fungicide resistance management programs. Regular use in a rotational program with other modes of action or as a tank-mix partner will prevent or delay the development of disease resistant populations at your location.

Q: How is Traction going to offer a benefit over Secure® with the same active ingredient?

A: Traction offers several benefits over fluazinam alone. Fluazinam is a broad-spectrum highly active multiple site contact fungicide, yet the addition of the DMI fungicide tebuconazole brings another broad-spectrum systemic active ingredient with a second mode of action for resistance management.

Q: Can I be comfortable applying Traction in the summer since the tebuconazole is a DMI?

A: Yes. In our university evaluations, Traction has displayed excellent results and turf tolerance. We feel confident when used in a rotation program that Traction can be applied in all seasons.

Q: Why does Traction have only one label rate?

A: The single use rate for Traction is based upon the EPA mandated fluazinam rate per acre. The application rate for Traction maximizes the amount of fluazinam allowed per application and provides a proven rate of tebuconazole.

Q: Where is the best place to fit Traction into my rotational spray schedule?

A: Traction has the flexibility and spectrum of activity to be placed throughout the spray season. It makes a great product to use and ensures a broad range of foliar diseases are controlled prior to utilizing a more targeted fungicide with a different mode of action such as Pinpoint®.